Class Cup Competition Heats Up!

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April 10, 2012
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Throughout the year, the classes have been competing for the Class Cup. While sophomores have performed well and were in the lead for several weeks, the seniors have recently edged them out of first place. Here’s a summary of the last several Joint Collection competitions:

Several weeks ago,  the event was musical chairs. With two people representing each grade, the contest went fairly quickly. After a couple of rounds the final two people were Clay McKee, a tenth grader, and Anthony Rufo, a freshman. It was an intense round but Clay sat down in the chair at the end. At the end of this competition, the overall score was close between the sophomores and the seniors.

 The first class cup of the third term was wheelbarrow racing. It was very exciting and fun to watch. The freshman class surprised everyone when they beat the juniors. Equally surprising was the seniors beating the sophomores. For third and forth place there was a good race between the  Juniors and Sophomores with the Sophomores coming in third. The race for first and second with the freshman and the seniors was a crowd pleaser. In the end the seniors came out on top.

The class cup held last week was very exhilarating. Bo Kim and Leo Park put together a limbo competition between the grades. Austin Bramley went up for the freshman class. Elena Dunn-Barcelona represented the sophomore class, Jason Kim for the junior class and Jax Gottwald for the senior class. Jason Kim was the first one to be eliminated, but  he was also the tallest. Following him was Austin, who was the third smallest. As it had come down to size the audience thought that Elena would win because she is shorter then Jax. But Jax went through two more rounds than Elena, and the crowd was amazed. Seniors have limboed their way into the top spot. Can the sophomores make a come-back and unseat them? Stay tuned!


Current tandings:

Freshman Class: 22 points

Sophomore Class: 29 points

Junior Class: 22 points

Senior Class: 37 points



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