Meet the Freshmen Class Officers

Freshmen Class Officers

Photo Credit: Caroline Sullivan

Caroline Sullivan, Staff Writer
April 10, 2012
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The freshman class officers this year are:   Zoe Laky, Joe Zhu, Steffanie Garzon and Frank Satriale.   Zoe is the only officer who came up through Westtown’s middle school, the rest are new students to Westtown. Steffanie and Joe are both boarding students and Frank and Zoe are day students. I asked them all a few questions about what it was like to be a class officer and why they wanted to be class officers. They all agreed one of the main reasons was to work with their classmates, get to know people better, and to have a leadership role. When they were asked what their hopes were they all said something a little different but the main theme was to try to make the freshman class become closer and more like a family. They also wanted to become successful in fundraising. They attend Student Council every Thursday where they discuss things like Spring Fling and different ideas for class trips and fundraising. Frank and Steffanie were both officers at their old schools and Joe was a Study Administrator at his old school. His job was to help students who were struggling with their work and encourage them. 

All of these students said they plan on running for different leadership positions as they move up through Westtown.


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