The Obertones Come to Westtown

The Obertones

Caroline Eddy, Staff Writer
April 3, 2012
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This past Tuesday, our humble school gave a rousing welcome to a group of very talented performers. The Obertones, an all-male a cappella group from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, came to sing songs spanning a wide repertoire. Amid their ranks are computer-science, neuroscience, music, and many other majors, all singing for the sheer love of music. From Toto’s Africa to a Backstreet Boys mash-up, these young men displayed a lot of skill and got our students cheering.

After their performance, the Obertones hung around for students to talk to them, take pictures, and grab some merchandise. I had the opportunity to ask a few questions of one member: Chad, a senior and music major.

B&W: How long have the Obertones been around?

Chad: The Obertones as an entity have been around since 1984. We hold auditions every September, taking on at least 3 new singers every year.

B&W: What styles of music do you enjoy performing?

Chad: That’s the great thing about a cappella. Since we arrange all our music ourselves, we can take the song and work it to fit all of the different styles and voices. So, we can do a lot of different songs because we have the ability to make them our own.

B&W: This is entirely student run, yes?

Chad: Absolutely. We do have faculty advisors, but they really are just there to sign off on things. We even arranged the tour ourselves! We get in touch with family, friends, and alums we can stay withs

B&W: And where have you been on this tour?

Chad: We spent some time in New York City, singing on the streets, which was really fun. And we made quite a bit of money too. We do a lot of school shows, so we sang for some schools in suburban New York. After [Westtown], we are going to perform at the Delaware Children’s Museum.

On behalf of the Brown & White, I’d like to thank the Obertones for coming to Westtown and giving us one heck of an assembly! You all performed fabulously and brightened up a cold Tuesday afternoon; we look forward to having you visit again sometime!


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